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Aeropress Premium Gift Set

£74.40 £60.00

An invention we’re all grateful for: the joy of plunging. Who doesn’t like a good plunge?



Any time you like...

On-the-go crazy for awesome coffee! This premium gift set comprises the world famous Aeropress (innovation for the coffee conniosseur at home or away – it’s so easy to take with you) as well as its soon-to-be-famous cousin: the Rhinowares hand grinder.  This little beauty is also the idea travel companion – and it works a treat if you’re staying put, too. And then you’ll need awesome coffee – so the set also includes our two-star Great Taste Award-winning Espresso Yourself beans.  Oh, why not – we’ll throw in another bag of beans for free: Grind Control to Major Tom (also an award-winner). 

And don’t worry – we’ll deliver it all for free. The beans will delivered whole bean.  To find out more about the coffee beans follow the links below Grind Control to Major Tom Espresso Yourself