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We make good coffee, Good coffee makes us

Welcome to our neighbourhood

Day after day, in social moments and work events, on big days out and quiet mornings in; coffee is there. Few will disagree that a really great coffee makes life better. At Neighbourhood, coffee is the love of our life. But we agree with you that it is best when it is easy, simple and delicious – it’s an enjoyable drink, not an A-Level exam. So we’ve made it our vocation to bring you the very best of the coffee world and none of the worst. We’re dedicated to finding the best growers, building relationships that get us the best beans, roasting them beautifully and helping you (our customers, baristas, partners and pals) to make our coffee into the most delicious cup going.


We’re not going to give you unnecessary rules, or wang on about complicated processes or product details. We aren’t obsessed with awards – although we have won some – we just care that our coffee creates moments that make people smile

Back in 2014

Chris Holloway and Ed Peck founded Neighbourhood Coffee, because they loved coffee so much, they'd made it their vocation. Not just because good coffee tastes great, but because good coffee makes people feel great. It’s great shared with our favourite people, to set the vibe on big work days, and gives us an excuse to enjoy 15 minutes with our feet up and the radio on. It puts smiles on our faces.

Welcome to our world

This is what we want to share with our customers; the joyful world of coffee that usually gets clouded by coffee complexity, rules, or even snobbery. We're here to give everyone coffee that tastes incredible, is fun to make, and easy to enjoy.

End-to-end smiles

Whether it's hanging out over coffee with the farmers who grow the beans we roast, training superstar baristas across the many partner organisations we work with, or even just helping someone new to this coffee world to get the most out of the cup, you'll find us building smiles and bringing the joy that coffee can bring to everyday life.

Roasted in Liverpool

We run everything from our Liverpool roastery, in the heart of the best city in the world. Coffee & Liverpool have a long history, spanning back centuries, and we're delighted to call it home. Our roastery is always abuzz with arrivals and departures, visitors coming to find out more, coffee-lovers dropping in to pick up a bag of beans, or just to see what's coming next. Every now and again, we throw the doors open for a variety of brewing classes, events, and showcases.

Our team!

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Neighbourhood is owned, run and staffed by a bunch of awesome people, who just happen to have a thing for awesome coffee and are hooked on the joy it can bring. From time to time, we need to add more awesomeness and fun to the team, so click the button below to check any vacancies going, and to learn a little more..

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