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Natural processed coffees (those bigger, boozier, chunkier-tasting coffees) are becoming a little more common in Colombia, although the vast majority of Colombian coffees are still processed by the fully-washed method. The Waylan association is situated in Planadas, Tolima, and whilst started by Edninson Vaquero, now reaches a whole community of coffee farmers, giving them help, advice, and a mission, as described by Edninson;

 “The very soil I stand on is the canvas upon which I paint the story of generations past and future. It’s a cultural legacy, an art passed down through time, and I am merely a steward, preserving this heritage with all the passion in my being. Coffee isn’t just a crop; it’s the lifeblood of my community. It sustains not just my family, but entire villages, providing opportunities for growth and development. The economic vitality it brings is a testament to the resilience and spirit of the people here.“ 

This coffee was fermented in barrels, then sun-dried on small patios, and in parabolic dryers, and it will have taken a few weeks for the cherries to dry to required moisture level. After this, the dry cherry husk will have been hulled off at the dry mill, before being packed for export.

Natural process coffees tend to be on the heavier, fruitier side of the coffee spectrum, and this coffee ticks plenty of boxes if that’s the style you like. There is some acidity and vibrancy, but expect a big ole hit of fruity syrupy goodness.

In espresso, mokapot and aeropress, expect that texture to be big on the agenda, with a lovely weightiness, along with bucketloads of candy floss sweetness and blueberry, dark chocolate and strawberry hints. In filter and V60, expect the fruitiness to come out more, so that strawberry zingy flavour flavours to be noticeable, and then followed by dark chocolate.