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La Marzocco machinery

La Marzocco make some of the finest espresso machines in the world. Founded in 1927, in Florence, they continue to be one of the standard-setters in building machinery that is reliable, durable, and looks awesome. We have used their machinery ourselves at events, at the roastery, and our wholesale partners have them on their bars. We can help you with choice, customisation, install and on going maintenance.

For further details please do get in touch with us.

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Below you’ll find a curated selection of La Marzocco’s machines. Some are more feature rich than others, but all will be a joy to use, and all are assembled and built by skilled artisans in Scaperia, near Florence, at La Marzocco’s factory and HQ. Other machines exist in the range, and if you’d like more details, then please do get in touch with us.

We visited the factory and their new Accademia del caffe espresso in 2019, and have seen every aspect of how these machines are put together. We’ve made thousands of coffees on our machines. We’d be delighted to show you why they’re so highly regarded.

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Tried and tested. Carefully designed to blend into any setting, the Linea Classic – with its dual boiler system, saturated groups and PID controller, is a work of art that is linear in design and dressed in polished stainless steel and includes stainless steel portafilters and advanced precision baskets. Its clean lines and simple charm furnish the many cafés, roasters, and chains whose names have defined the specialty coffee industry and has buoyed the development of the specialty coffee industry since the early 1990s.

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A modern workhorse, and our choice for every day. The Linea PB features the iconic La Marzocco polished stainless steel body, updated with simplified lines and a lower profile, equipped with exclusive, user friendly interface software that gives the barista direct functional control over boiler temperature, brewing volume, hot water tap dose, auto-back flush as well as other options. The Linea PB’s lower profile and increased work area also make it practical, without abandoning world renowned Italian design.



Classical stylings, cutting edge technology. The GB5 combines advanced La Marzocco proprietary electronics with the industry-leading temperature stability and hydraulic systems to always ensure maximum consistency. The machine features independent boilers allowing for different brewing temperatures on each group; a convenient hot water economizer to set the hot water temperature as well as a dynamic pre-heater for additional and unsurpassed temperature stability. The second generation GB5 is the first series of La Marzocco machines equipped with a water sensor that measures the conductivity and hardness of water as it enters the machine. This information allows the user to monitor water quality and verify filtration performance without the need for additional testing tools.



High volume cafe performance. Revolutionary Straight-In portafilters which speed up workflow and efficiency, Steam Flush for ultimate clean consistency between shots, algorithm-based Auto Brew Ratio extraction measurements, Pro-touch steam wands, customisable panels, and much more.



If you'd like to make your machine into even more of a showstopper, then customisation services are available. Custom colours, vinyls, logo's, finishes and more are possible.