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Beruvian Coffee Beans

Peruvian coffee is great quality and has a unique flavour thanks to the microclimates in the Andean regions. It is flavourful and aromatic whilst being mild with a mellow taste. You can expect vanilla, chocolate and nutty tones with subtle citrus flavours in a cup of Peruvian coffee. However, the overall flavour and acidity depend on the growing region.


Many of the popular coffee-growing regions in Peru are on the eastern slopes of the Andes. This includes Chanchamayo, the Amazonas and San Martin as well as the southern highlands and St Ignacio near the Ecuadorian border. Peru has a unique location with many microclimates in the Andean regions. Here, the sun, rain, altitude, temperature and humidity levels are like nowhere else, giving the beans unique flavour profiles. Coffee in Peru is typically grown at altitudes of at least 1,200 metres above sea level where temperatures are between 18 and 22ºC.

Our Peru coffee beans arrive as green coffee and are roasted at our Liverpool HQ into a delightful light to medium roast. We only roast Arabica coffee beans because they’re the best, so you won’t find any Robusta or dark roast coffee beans at Neighbourhood Coffee. You can either buy Peruvian coffee beans as whole beans or ground coffee and we can grind it to suit your brewing method.

So, why not check out our range of Peruvian coffee beans and buy yours now?