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Look What You Made Me Brew

dried red berry, fruit cake, muscovado sugar

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Country: Burundi
Altitude: 1,600m-1,700m
Varietal: Red Bourbon
Launched: 2024

Community in action is what brings this coffee to you; small groups of 30 or so smallholder farmers, each headed by a farm leader; these groups then working together to supply the Kibingo mill with ripe coffee cherry, and accessing seedlings, organic fertiliser and support programs to help each other grow better coffee and increase both prices and yields.

These farmers will generally have around 200-250 trees each, so this is right at the smallest scale of coffee farming. Together however, these farmer number some 1,730 or so, and the results of their hard work are delicious. This coffee is fully washed, so expect some bright fruity flavours, and red bourbon varietal, so expect plenty of sweetness too.

Kibingo is one of versatile coffees that works really well in a variety of brewing methods. As espresso, there’ll be plenty going on to find, including fruit cake, plenty of dried red berries, and a good amount of sweetness – we get muscovado sugar, so slightly sticky, but maybe not as much as molasses. In milk drinks, that cake-y flavour will come to the fore, so it’s a great one for an afternoon pick-me-up (or breakfast, and everyone can have cake for breakfast).

In filter, expect more caramel sweetness and some more of that red berry acidity; so if you’re an Aeropress or V60 experimenter then you’re going to love it. However you brew it, it’ll be worth the time taken, so get stuck in.

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Look What You Made Me Brew

£10.00 - £26.50

Buy Now