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Born Sippin'

raisin, strawberry, white chocolate

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Yirgacheffe is one of the great coffee producing regions of the world, and this coffee hails from several hundred smallholders. It’s one of our longest sourcing relationships, because of the unique combination of altitude, processing and environment.

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Country: Ethiopia
Process: Natural (Raised bed)
Altitude: 1,950m - 2,150m
Varietal: Heirloom, Typica
Launched: 2015

Epic heritage and epic landscapes. A world-famous producing region. The birthplace of coffee, and still the country we love to visit the most.

Smallholders who have a few hundred trees, coming together at local wet mills to deliver perfectly-ripe cherries. Late-night processing operations in the crisp night air at almost 2,000 metres above sea level. As the sun rises, rows upon rows of drying tables, filled with cherries at various stages of the natural processed method.

Yirgacheffe had always been a place where crisp, clean, elegant coffees dominated the coffee exports, until about 15 years ago, they applied natural processing to the very best cherries, and discovered fruit explosions galore. Red berry, creamy chocolate, tropical fruits. The altitude, the slow maturation of the cherries, the decades of experience, the intangible magic that exists at these Ethiopian mills.

This is a fruit concoction in a coffee cup. Masses of strawberry, raspberry, red grape up front. Bright acidity gives way to creamy white chocolate, with rich raisin sweetness to finish. It’s a sensory assault in an espresso, flaunts itself in a flat white, and brings a beautiful balance in pour-over and filter methods. It’ll have your tastebuds dancing in no time.

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Born Sippin'

£10.50 - £38.00

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