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Roasting in the Deep

caramel, chocolate brownie, red cherry

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New to the neighbourhood, this natural coffee is from Sitio Pereira in Serras De Minas, Brazil. It’s a cherry chocolate brownie in a cup. We’ve been loving it on espresso but it works well with other brewing methods too. It’s a real crowd-pleaser!

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Country: Brazil
Process: Natural
Altitude: 1000m - 1,200m
Varietal: Yellow Catuai & Red Acaia
Launched: 2024

Alex Pereira inherited the Sitio from his parents in 2015. He has dedicated his life to producing high-quality coffee ever since. Pereira started by selling his coffee to Multi Nationals to be used in blends. Until our friends at Legender cupped his coffee and highlighted a single-state lot of incredible quality. Now, Alex focuses on post-harvesting practices. He can deliver such a high-quality that he can now charge a premium for his hard work.

Serra de Minas is a region known for higher quality due to altitude, soil and practices. Most producers in the region are aware of the potential and eager to join quality programs. However, the small-scale production. was always a barrier. Many producers process the dry cherries in a shared dry mill to overcome this. This has facilitated access and logistics for small lots, meaning we can enjoy more coffee from this wonderful region.

This coffee undergoes a natural process. The cherries are left to dry on a cemented patio under the warm sun for 15 days. The coffee rests in a thin layer and is turned multiple times a day to ensure it dries evenly.

The result is a coffee packed full of rich cherry chocolate flavour, like a cherry chocolate brownie. The red cherry flavour is vibrant and juicy. Then it finishes with note of burnt sugar, like the top layer of a Crème Brûlée (the fun bit that you crack with your spoon). We think this coffee was born for espresso, but you’ll get a great brew with an AeroPress or Cafetiere too.

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Roasting in the Deep

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