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Half Caf the World Away

blood orange, fruit cake, milk chocolate

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Half Caf the World Away has half the caffeine, but all the flavour. It’s a 50-50 blend of decaffeinated coffee from Colombia, and a caffeinated coffee from Guatemala. There’s notes of juicy blood orange, sticky fruit cake and lashings of milk chocolate.

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Country: House Blends
Altitude: 1200M - 2000M
Launched: 2024

Half Caf the World Away is a low-caffeine coffee blend. Created for those looking to limit their caffeine intake, but not cut it out completely. It’s a 50-50 blend of decaffeinated coffee from Colombia, and a caffeinated coffee from Guatemala.  Despite being short on caffeine, it’s full of flavour. At the front, there’s juicy blood orange. That gives way to sticky fruit cake with notes of raisin and cranberry. Then to finish there’s masses of milk chocolate.

There’s no reason you should need to give up on your afternoon coffee, whether that be on espresso, V60 or cafetiere. Half Caf the World Away stands up to all brewing methods, so you can compromise on the caffeine, not on the coffee.

This decaffeinated part of this coffee comes from the Cauca Region in Colombia. It goes under the Water – Ethyl-Acetate process, also known as “Sugarcane” or “E.A” process. Ethyl-Acetate is a substance that occurs in sugarcane and is used as a solvent to bind to caffeine. The process starts by soaking the green coffee in water before steaming it for 30 minutes. This opens the pores to make the caffeine extraction possible. Then the green coffee is soaked and washed in ethyl acetate solution, which attracts and removes the caffeine. Once the coffee is saturated, the tank is emptied and a fresh solution is poured in. Then the coffee undergoes steaming to remove the EA. Then the coffee is dried, cooled and polished. A final quality control determines whether the coffee is ready for roasting.

The caffeinated part comes from Finca El Carrizal in the Fraijanes region of Guatemala.  It’s grown by Carlos Durán Matias.  He and his siblings inherited the farm, but he took on the role of manager and has doubled it in size. This lot was processed in the wet mill that is part of the farm. Carlos mentions that it may be a small mill, but it does fulfil all requirements for quality processing and selection. The coffee is fully washed, meaning the coffee cherry is fully removed from the seed, and then is sun-dried on patios.

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Half Caf the World Away

£10.75 - £26.00

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