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Aeropress filter disc




Manufactured from precision 300-series stainless steel, and then coasted with rose-gold titanium, these Cafe Concetto metal filter discs brew as well as they look.

  • Step up your pressin’ game: Designed for performance, control and effortless brewing. Suitable for the normal or inverted method.
  • Enhanced body & clarity: Retain tasty oils which paper filters remove, and increase consistency between brews.
  • Fine or Superfine? Fine discs mean a fuller-bodied brew with easy plunging.  Superfine discs will mean less body but more clarity of flavour, so perfect for lighter, more delicate coffees.
  • Pack lighter (by a few grams): Ultra portable and space-saving. Lock your filters into the cap for easy carrying. Perfect for home, travel or work.
  • For a lifetime of brews: Precision machined from high-strength stainless steel. Titanium coated for extended durability and exquisite finish, and a lifetime guarantee to boot.

Dimensions: 62mm diameter

Suitable for Aeropress original & Aeropress Go


Aeropress filter disc

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