How to roast coffee beans at home

Some people are happy with instant, just to get them through the day. Some want more control over their brew and decide to buy quality beans. Some go so far as to grind their own coffee beans to capture flavours as soon as they’re released.    And some coffee lovers go even further by roasting […]

The amazing health benefits of coffee

One of the world’s most popular beverages, coffee happens to be quite healthy too. There’s a bunch of reasons to drink it – mostly because it’s delicious, of course. But while other delicious things tend to leave you feeling guilty for indulging, coffee provides a net improvement in our lives. What did we do to […]

Sweet treats and bold brews: which coffee for which dessert?

It’s surely one of life’s greatest joys – coffee and a cake. Both an art and a science, the pairing of sweet desserts and sensuous coffee is one of the universe’s greatest gifts to mankind. Whether it’s topping off a meal, or refreshing the senses after a hearty walk, coffee and a cake is the […]

Independent Women: Throw your hands up at me pt.1

In the first of two articles, our amazing barista trainer, Katy, speaks to two owner-managers of coffee shops. Both sell our coffee, both are wonderful and both are ladies… The third wave of coffee has definitely arrived in the UK, and it is glorious. People are expecting a higher calibre of cuppa, and the market […]

More than just milk and sugar: all the alternatives you can put in your coffee

“Milk and two sugars, please.” Sounds so outdated, doesn’t it? Well, the age of good old fashioned cow’s milk isn’t quite over yet. For those of us who like a dependable, delicious coffee or coffee-based beverage, you can’t beat a bit of the white stuff. Packed full of calcium, vitamins and healthy protein, milk has […]