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Hario V60 gift set


Take your first steps into brewing specialty coffee pour overs with this Hario V60 bundle. Contains a V60 plastic brewer, filter papers, an NCR mug and a bag of our Christmas coffee.


Someone getting started in the world of awesome coffee...

If you’re fairly new to this specialty coffee game, and find yourself a little overwhelmed by the various ways to brew awesome coffee, or you’re looking for a simple gift, then this is for you. We use Hario V60’s at home, in the office, and you’ll see them in cafes too – they’re wonderfully simple, yet deliver clean, flavoursome filter brews. This little bundle contains everything you need to get going:

  • A Hario V60 plastic filter brewer
  • A pack of 40 Hario V60 papers
  • A bag of our Christmas blend, pre-ground for V60 brewing
  • An NCR enamel mug