Chemex (woodneck)


For the cleanest brews of all, served in beautiful yet toughened boro-silicate glass. There’s a size to suit everyone, from the dainty 2-cup version, to the giant 10-cup. Extra thick filter papers result in crisp, clean cups of coffee, with none of the muddiness you’d get from a cafetière, and looked after, Chemex will last for years and years, allowing everyone who comes round for a cuppa to ask why you’re brewing coffee in a vase.


We use our Chemex every day, which tells you how much we love it. Made of non-porous borosilicate glass which doesn’t absorb any coffee odours or residues, the thicker filter papers give the cleanest, crispest cup of filter coffee.It’s really easy to use – as with all paper filters, we recommend you rinse the paper thoroughly with hot water first.Filter papers are available here, and we’d recommend the following filters for the following brewers:1-3 cup brewer: FP2 half-circles3-6 cup, 6-8 cup, 8-10 cup: FC100 circles

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1-2 Cups, 3-6 Cups, 7-8 Cups, 9-10 Cups