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Colombia is one of the most diverse coffee-growing countries in the world, with a huge range in varietals, flavours and microclimates. It’s also on the biggest producers in the world, with a highly developed & regulated coffee infrastructure. In 1958, the fictional coffee farmer ‘Juan Valdez’ was created by the Federación Nacioanl de Cafiteros (FNC), and has featured on bags of coffee and advertising campaigns to this day.

There is an astonishing variety of coffee to be fund in Colombia, from richer, heavier, chocolatey flavours, to bright, fruity, complex flavours. Colombia also benefits from having two harvests per year, the main crop, and the secondary mitaca harvest.

We’ve visited Colombia to source from Cauca, one of the great growing regions, in partnership with Banexport, a Colombian exporter, and Cafe Imports, an importer of fine specialty coffees.


Cauca is just one of the many coffee growing regions. Look out for Huila, Quindio, Nariño, Antioqua, Caldas, Tolima, and others. We have a thing for coffees from Cauca as they tend to be juicy, well-rounded, sweet and able to brewed in a variety of methods.

Relationship coffee: ARGCAFFE, Argelia

Argelia is a remote part of south-west Cauca, home to the ARGCAFFE association, which started in 2014 with only 17 member producers, all of whom were committed to finding a better market for their coffee. Through their hard work, the association has grown to over 150 members who combine their coffee. We use their coffee in our house espresso and also as a standalone single origin. It is everything a classic Colombia should be - juicy, sweet, and balanced.

Argelia coffee: I Ain't afraid of no roast

Relationship coffee: Trujillo family, Finca Patio Bonito

The Trujillo family are quality-focused producers, and the loveliest people. Senõr Carlos has been a coffee farmer for 40 years, but five years ago, he started working with Banexport (his daughter Paola works for the company), and the partnership has dramatically improved the prices he sells his coffee for. This partnership has seen increases in production volume, understanding, and improvements in the infrastructure and processing equipment on the farm. The coffees he grows are delicious, and we're delighted to roast them.

Trujillo family coffees:

Colombia tastes:

Colombian coffee has a vast range of flavours, but expect to find one or more of:

Brown sugar

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