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Coffee cherries in Ethiopia

Born Sippin’ Update


If you have been a long time drinker of our Ethiopian Natural coffee Born Sippin’, you may have noticed some slight changes in flavour over the years, including this one.

Coffee is a seasonal product that is greatly influenced by the environment it grows in (such as the weather) and lots can differ in flavour based on the circumstances. With coffees like Born Sippin’ which we have been roasting year after year, occasionally the tasting notes do change. Sometimes by a little, sometimes by a lot. Earlier in the year we received the latest crop of Born Sippin’ and found that it just wasn’t quite the triumph it has been in previous years, so we decided to pull it from the shelves. We would rather give Born Sippin’ drinkers a coffee that’s more alike how it’s always tasted, than stick with the same origin but give you something that tastes completely different.

We’ve been working hard with our importers to find a coffee that closely matches the flavour profile of our beloved Born Sippin’ and we’ve been able to get our hands on a lot that’s actually pretty close! Its replacement, called Awash River, is sourced from smallholder farmers in the Guji and Sidamo regions of southern Ethiopia. It has a real jamminess to it (we’re getting blueberry) which gives way to smooth milk chocolate and a blossom honey sweetness to finish. We’re really happy with it as a replacement and hope you will agree. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to give us a shout!