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Pausing to sip and savour. A complex mix of fruit flavours. This blend rewards the adventurous, those seeking complexity and character. It’s quite something.

Ethiopia is the birthplace of coffee, and the Konga mill produces coffee in the world-famous region of Yirgacheffe. This coffee tells a story of place, of the people, of the history and the heritage. The natural processed Konga brings bright, crisp red berry to the blend, the washed processed brings tropical fruit and zingy acidity. We add a little Brazil Posses to bring chocolate and to level things out, before it gets out of hand.

Whereas our house espresso is forgiving, this demands a little more expertise, but rewards careful dialling with an explosion of flavour. Blackberry, blueberry, forest fruits. Chewy complexity and cacao, like chocolate but more subtle, more refined. Warming licquorice lingering at the end of the shot. Awards gained over the years a testament to the hard work and expertise of the farmers.

In milk, expect a punchy, fruity, sweet, sticky drink, that you’ll drink a few mouthfuls. In espresso, you’ll keep tasting and discovering. It makes a beautiful filter too, good for drinking whilst eating dessert. Strap yourselves in, it’s going to be a ride.

Our favourite brew methods: