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House Blends

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caramel, dark chocolate, toffee sweetness



We roast more of our house espresso blend that everything else put together. It’s won multiple awards, as well as winning a place in a legion of café’s, and is stocked in countless kitchen cupboards. Dark chocolate, toffee & caramel.

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Country: House Blends
Process: Pulped natural & fully washed
Launched: 2014

Molten black gold. A modern take on a classic sound. A blend of two distinct coffees that combine beautifully, and just…work.

It’s produced by two communities, Posses in Brazil, and currently, Inzovu in Western Rwanda. These are bigger groups, but the quality of both sets of producers mean that the finished product is consistently excellent. Our job is roast it carefully, and to combine the best qualities of these two coffees. We take toffee and dark chocolate flavours from the pulped natural from Posses, combine it with some brighter fruit and creamy caramel from the fully washed Inzovu, and the result? A forgiving, flavour-packed blend that’s a perfect introduction to our world of specialty coffee.

This is designed for espresso. It’s so easy to work with that it’s always our first recommendation. It combines beautifully with milk, alternative m*lks, and in americano’s but you can drink it any way you like. You’ll be struck by the sweetness, as the toffee and caramel come dancing through, followed by dark chocolate in abundance. Mokapot, Aeropress, cold brew, cafetière…it just works.


Espresso Yourself Coffee Subscription


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