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Specialty coffee roaster in Liverpool.

Liverpool and coffee have a long history! Green coffee shipments still arrive at the city’s docks, just as they have done over the decades. At Neighbourhood Coffee, we roast specialty coffee. We are a mere stroll away from the city’s historic waterfront. Situated in the shadows of the lofty colonnades and cast iron columns, constant reminders of our rich trading heritage. Neighbourhood Coffee are proud to be Liverpool’s first specialty roasters. We are dedicated to sourcing, roasting and brewing the finest coffee we can.  Telling the stories and journeys behind each lot, and spreading our passion for great specialty coffee. You can read more about us here. 


We work with a variety of farms, estates, co-operatives, importers, traders and friends to source the coffees we roast. The one constant is that we pay good prices (often several times the fair trade minimum), we look to develop long-term relationships where possible, and we try to reflect the global coffee calendars seasonal cycle where we can, to ensure that the coffee you buy from tastes as great as it can. See our latest travels in our journal.


We constantly sample our coffees to make sure they taste as great as possible. We sample before we commit to buying different lots of coffee, as different seasonal factors will bring about different tastes in the cup, year-on-year. We sample extensively as we’re developing roast profiles before we launch coffees, to make sure they are in tip-top shape, and then we keep checking right through the period when a coffee is available on our site, or being served to our wholesale customers. Its a tough job, but we’re not complaining!


We’re just one part of the chain, from farmer to drinker – what we do when we roast is to preserve as much of the inherent natural characteristics of the coffees, and to showcase what makes them unique. The interaction between place, farmer, varietal, weather and processing gives a coffee its unique characteristics. As we roast, we aim to present these characteristics in the best way possible – with a perfect balance of acidity, sweetness, flavour and complexity. Find more about our roastery here.


Whether you’re grabbing a capsule shot as you run out of the house, or you’re taking the time to brew a Chemex on a lazy weekend morning, we want to help you brew every cup so you can really taste the work of the whole chain, from the farmer to you. See our brewing guide section for helpful tips.


Once you’ve had great coffee, you can’t really go back. We love it that people can get excited by the possibilities of elevating a drink enjoyed by millions of people every day. You don’t have to tolerate bad coffee, or to accept the status quo of generic blends, dark roasts or chain-gang cafe’s – we want to show you the first steps of journey of coffee enjoyment that will last a lifetime. Take your first steps here.