Hario Skerton Plus hand grinder


Freshly ground always, always tastes better, and this grinder will become your most-used piece of gear after your kettle. Japanese workmanship, durability, and simple to use – once you have one of these, you won’t ever go back to pre-ground again (unless of course you’re making for the entire office).
This is the Hario ‘Skerton’ hand grinder.  It uses ceramic, conical burrs and can produce a range of grind sizes for different brew methods. The grinder comes in two sections, with a rubber anti-slip base.We have used these grinders every day at home for several years, and take them with us when we go travelling – it’s neat, compact, durable and really simple to adjust. All parts of the grinder can be washed, and the ceramic burrs will never rust. It’s a great grinder, and a great intro to grinding your own beans