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Three of your five a day. Well, not quite – but a collection of our fruitiest coffees. Lovely.



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Three of your five a day. Well, not quite – but a collection of our fruitiest coffees. Lovely. This tasty threesome comprises a trio of citrus bean brilliance, see below for our tasting notes.

Love, love me brew

It tastes of summer – peach, mango, vanilla, pineapple, lemon, mandarin… we could go on. All of these fruits, and probably some more that you could find, wrapped in a big mouthful of caramel sweetness. In terms of brewing, we’d recommend filter methods for this one. You can use it for espresso, but its going to be a juice-bomb, so be warned, and in cafetière you may lose some of the fruit zing. V60, Chemex, or filter brewing methods will allow it to shine. Enjoy!

Bohemian Frap-sody

This is the perfect coffee for those with a sweet tooth. It oozes sweetness, partly because of the honey processing, partly because of the roasting, and mostly because of the care and attention taken in growing these beans, by the smallholders who supply the San Diego beneficio (mill) in the Tarrazu region of Costa Rica.
Honey processing is a halfway-house between fully washed, and natural process coffees. The skin of the coffee cherry is removed, before the fruity mucilage layer containing the seeds (the beans) is left to dry in the sun, going sticky (hence the honey name). We get a load of peach, mandarin, and sticky sweet flavours from this coffee. It’ll work great in most brewing methods, and at any time of day.

I just don’t know what to brew

Expect a big aroma of passion fruit juice, followed by wave after wave of blackcurrant, with the lively acidity balanced out by the juicy sweetness. Throw in some zesty orange marmalade flavours too, and complexity grows and grows. This is special coffee, and it’ll be best drunk as a filter or V60. Enjoy! 

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