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The Only Way is Cup, Baby

cardamom, peach iced tea, tangerine

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Rwanda has a reputation for producing amazing coffee and this coffee is another great example. From the Karora mill, this is a lovely example of a fully washed Bourbon.

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Country: Rwanda
Process: Fully washed
Altitude: 1800m - 2000m
Varietal: Bourbon
Launched: 2023

This is an amazing coffee with an incredible story. In 1994, after the Rwandan genocide, Francine Nyiramana and Immaculée Mukamana decided to return to their family’s land in Nyamurinda Hill to start a new life with a coffee farm. In spite of all they’d been through, Francine and Immaculée grew their farm into a profitable, sustainable and thriving business (and then some). Eventually the coffee farming inspired what is now Nyamurinda Coffee Growers Ltd. and subsequently Karora Washing Station, where this lot was processed. They now process speciality coffee from 1,022 registered smallholder farmers organised under the co-operative, as well as coffee from their own farm. A true success story if we ever heard one.

Nyamurinda co-op and Karora coffee washing station are situated close to Nyungwe natural forest. Sitting in the mountains that forms Nile-Congo Watershed, the continental divide separates the drainage basins of the Nile and Congo rivers. Nyangwe Forest National Park, one of the largest and best preserved mountain rainforests in central Africa, home to an esimated 25% of Africa’s primates (excluding humans!).

The coffee is easy drinking and as close to peach iced tea as your going to get. There’s also notes of juicy tangerine, with a slight cardamom spice. We think this Rwanda coffee really shines on filter and other pour over methods. And it’s easy to sink a cup or two.

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The Only Way is Cup, Baby

Out of stock

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