How do you get a Great Taste Award?
How do you get a Great Taste Award?

Simple answer: make really tasty food and drink. Well, not wishing to boast, but four of our coffees have been awarded Great Taste Awards: seven stars in total. They may not always be available, but they’re certainly worth looking out for.

Great Taste bills itself as the world’s largest and most trusted food and drink awards. It’s often referred to as the Oscars of the food world. The first awards took place in 1994 – they were started by The Guild of Fine Foods as a reaction to the dwindling number of independent fine food shops in the UK. They wanted to celebrate fine food and give it more attention, help fine food makers thrive. Fewer than 100 foods were entered and a judging panel of twelve took three hours to deliberate.

Nowadays, over 12,000 entries are received from over 100 countries and judged by a panel of more than 500 expert adjudicators. Also – it takes a smidge over three hours, too! (It’s now around seventy days of tasting.) This is testament to the meaning and kudos a Great Taste Award carries. Over the years, small artisan food and drink businesses have been transformed by the accolade. We’re certainly very proud of ours and they do draw people to the products.

Products are awarded either one, two or three stars and are judged blind. That is to say the judges do not know the name of the company or the name of the product; nor do they see the packaging to ensure that there isn’t anything ‘borrowed’ from previous experience. They do, however, see a description of the coffee that we write and so it’s vital we get a decent description in front of them – the only rules are no brand names and no marketing speak. Oh – and you’ve only got 150 characters (the sentence before this one is 149 characters long)!

Our house espresso – Espresso Yourself – won two stars in 2018 (two stars means ‘outstanding’). We don’t use a heavy roast so we retain the majority of the natural flavours, but we lengthen the roast time a little to give a pronounced creamy body and caramel character. We think it’s lovely and we were really chuffed when it won two stars! And our customers rate it 4.85 out of 5! Thank you.

Another two-starer (is that a word?) is another espresso of ours: You’ve Got a Blend in Me and another favourite of our customers. This one’s much more complex than Espresso Yourself and so it’s outstanding in a differently tasty way: it’s got quite a fruity punch and there’s less chocolate. It’s great – even though we say so ourselves. 

It really is taste that matters – and we can’t argue with that. When you’re on one of those ‘stock-up-with-essentials’ shopping trips, it’s worth considering filling your cupboard with as many Great Taste Award-winners as you can: you know they’ll taste great and will give a quality lift to whatever you’re preparing. Same goes for your coffee, of course: make sure it’s won a Great Taste Award! Look out for the award label when you’re shopping.

Check out the Great Taste Awards website here

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