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Sticky-sweet fruity goodness. Dense, lush forest, rolling over green hills. Decades of experience.

Finca Santa Maria del Lourdes is a farm situated close to the Honduras border, in Nueva Segovia region of Nicaragua. It’s a great place to grow specialty coffee, particularly under the watchful eyes of the Peralta family. They have been farming coffee for almost a century, and in the last decade, they have built up a justifiable world-renowned reputation for producing spectacular coffees.

What is anaerobic fermentation natural, we hear some of you ask?
First, ripe cherries are sorted and washed, and then placed into airtight 450L tanks to ferment for up to 72 hours in an anaerobic environment. To lower the temperature down to approximately 15 Celsius, the tanks are placed inside water-filled fermenting pools to slow the fermentation and avoid spoilage, or risk of taints for up to 72 hours.

After the fermentation period is finished, the cherries are taken out of the tanks and transported to the dry mill for the drying process which may take up to 30 days. Initially, the cherries are spread on a single layer for a three day period to allow them to shed off the excess water. Once the excess water is eliminated and the cherries begin to dry, these are placed on the covered drying beds for the remainder of the drying period. The cherries are moved by hand three times a day to allow them to dry evenly and prevent mould or over-fermentation. The dried fruit layer is then hulled off, and the green beans are packed into 34.5kg bags ready for export.

Expect a blast of red cherry, with a lovely molasses sticky sweetness, and a a boozy edge that reminds us of a good ruby port.

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