About Us

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At Neighbourhood coffee, we slurp and spit. We’re obsessive about the perfect roast. We make a big thing about travelling to origin. We smile lots, talk excitedly, and laugh frequently.

But we take coffee ultra-seriously. All because we believe that everyone’s life can be made better by a great cup of Joe.

Ok, so we may be a tad fanatical about the perfect brew, but we are proud to be Liverpool’s first specialty roasters, dedicated to sourcing, roasting and brewing the finest coffee.  Liverpool and coffee go waaay back. Green coffee shipments still arrive at the city’s docks, just as they have done over the decades. So we have a great heritage to uphold. No pressure, right?

Back in 2014, our great city was crying out for some seriously quality coffee, so Chris Holloway and Ed Peck founded Neighbourhood Coffee.  Being Liverpool’s first specialty roastery, we take pride in carefully selecting each variety of green bean ourselves.  Yep, we’re precious (some say a bit potty), but Liverpool deserves the best, and we want to choose top- notch stuff personally (not that we’re control freaks or anything…).

So, we travel widely (yep, there are perks to this job!) and see incredible places. We know the farmers by name, and only work with those who are as committed as we are to producing delicious coffee.  We value our talented farmers and pay well above the current fair trade price. And investment pays off; we only purchase the highest quality, sustainably-produced coffee beans.
Our obsession with pursuing the perfect cup also includes the (some say dark!) art of craft roasting. We preserve the quality of the bean by roasting in small batches, unlocking the optimum flavour and true character of each coffee.
Whether you work in the hospitality industry or you’re simply a home coffee junkie, we have you covered. Our mission is the same: make the coffee in your cup outstanding. Why not link up with our neighbourhood of coffee lovers, and discover more about the stories that bring it from the crop to the cup. We’d love for you to join us.


KG of Beans Roasted Each Month

We source, roast and distribute over 20,000kg of beans every year at our roastary.

Cups Of Coffee We Drink Each Month

Contrary to belief… we do enjoy a good cup of tea too. However, coffee will always win hands down.

The Team

Chris coffee tasting

Chris Holloway

Chris came to Liverpool 16 years ago, and has called it home ever since. Despite studying Sports & Exercise sciences at University, he spent several years running award-winning restaurants and bars, working as a brand ambassador for a boutique rum company, writing marine insurance, and then the last 7 years in the coffee industry, first as a specialty green trader for specialty African importers, Schluter, and now as co-founder of Neighbourhood. Outside of roasting coffee, you can find him chasing around after his two kids, cooking food, drinking wine, playing football and helping to lead a local church.

expert coffee tasting

Ed Peck

Ed came to Liverpool in 2003, and has spent the intervening years studying at Uni, writing software and consulting on IT projects, and then trading green coffee, with clients across the UK, Europe and further afield. He moved to Addis Ababa, the capital of Ethiopia for a couple of years, to set up a sourcing office for African , and then returned to Liverpool. Shortly afterwards, he founded Neighbourhood along with Chris. Outside of coffee, you can find hime appreciating good single malts, helping to lead a local church, and playing basketball.

Neighbourhood team coffee tasting

Ben Webster

Ben was born in Liverpool, and has lived in the greatest city in the world ever since. He studied Sport Therapy at university, but then found the specialty coffee industry to be more to his liking. He’s been sponging up knowledge ever since, and you’ll find him delivering training sessions, roasting samples, organising cuppings, and dispatching orders. Outside of coffee, he can be found climbing mountains, rigging PA systems, playing cricket, and working with teenagers at his local church.

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Katy McGrath

Katy has recently joined the Neighbourhood team to work with our wholesale customers, run our training space, and get involved with everything else as well. She has loads of experience in opening and running independent quality-focused cafe’s, training staff, developing menus, and managing every aspect of hospitality businesses. Outside of coffee, she is also an accomplished musician, performing in Liverpool and across the region, as well as touring abroad, and a 3rd Dan black belt in ju-jitsu.