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How we roast

Our Neighbourhood

Great coffee needs careful roasting in order to give credit to all the hard work that has gone in to the process of getting the beautiful beans halfway across the globe, and into your cup.

We want to honour the work carried out by the farmers we partner with, so we roast little and often in order to present the coffee at it’s very best. We think simple is best, and our roasting approach reflects this.

Our Giesen 15kg roaster has logged thousands of hours of roasting since we opened the doors and still does a fantastic job. Smart profiling technology and, let’s be honest, the small glass window in the front still give us great visibility and control on the magic happening inside the drum.

We look for balance above all when we roast; sweetness, acidity, fruit, complexity, but most importantly, we want to let the coffee tell the story of where it’s from, and to showcase the things that make it so distinctive. It’s an obsessive quest and we tweak profiles and timings, tasting as we go, as we work throughout the year.



We source, roast and distribute over 33,000kg of beans every year at our roastery.

That’s equivalent to 1,666,666 double espressos!