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We offer a range of the world-renowned La Marzocco espresso machines, together with installation and after-sales services. We absolutely recommend these machines, because we use them day in, day out, in our training space at the roastery, and also when we’re out and about serving coffee at events.

The quality of workmanship, the Italian design flair, the heavy-duty construction and the dual-boiler systems on all La Marzocco machines ensures that they deliver consistent espresso extraction, regardless of how busy your venue may be.


We can even offer some machine customisation, including LED barista lights, custom colour paint-jobs and other modifications.


In addition, we are able to offer leasing packages for new equipment, through our partner Shire Leasing plc, which could really help the cash flow and set-up costs in a new site. Call us on 0151 2366741 for more details. We still smile every time we use our machines to make coffee – we’d love for you to do the same. Read on for the range;

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The Machines

Linea PB

linea-pb_av_3-group_angle_high-legsClassic heritage, cutting edge design and technology. Perfect for specialty coffee shops. Weapon of choice at Neighbourhood events, and now available with auto brew ratio technology.


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Linea Classic

screen-shot-2017-04-27-at-12-47-06Rugged, totally dependable, easy to use. Perfect for high-volume café’s or as a serious statement of espresso quality. We love them as much as we love a Land Rover Defender. Which is a lot.


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screen-shot-2017-04-27-at-12-49-44A combination of gorgeous styling and consistent boiler technology equal a machine whose elegance is matched by performance.


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screen-shot-2017-04-27-at-12-52-49The result of a 7-year collaboration between baristas and designers, the Strada offers unparalleled choice of temperature and pressure profiles, as well as individual group head boilers, cool touch steam wands and a host of other trickery. Perfect for multiple-roaster cafes and serious bean geeks.


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Linea Mini

Available in stainless steel, or 5 different colours, the Mini is a full-on La Marzocco for your kitchen. Dual boilers and PID for consistency and control, and a 13 amp plug and manual fill boiler for simple set-up. Don’t complain if your kitchen suddenly morphs into a pop-up café.


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