Wholesale coffee supplier Liverpool

Wholesale coffee supplier free barista training Liverpool

We love working with like-minded businesses who love great coffee. Who care about where it comes from and where it’s headed. We’re keen to share our passion, expertise and advice with you. That can be about coffee, machines, equipment, service and training. This will help you grow your coffee skills, offerings and enjoyment. If you join the Neighbourhood Coffee wholesale community, we’ll work with you in every aspect. We want to ensure that your customers drink the best coffee possible. We work with specialty coffee shops, espresso bars, cafe’s, restaurants, and a whole range of suppliers and outlets. In fact, we want to work with anyone who wants to enjoy great coffee! We’d love to talk to you about working together!

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We’re Well Equipped

We can supply machinery from manufacturers that we respect, have tested, and use ourselves (La Marzocco, SV Italia, MarcoMahlkönig, and Anfim to name a few). We also can advise and supply wholesale coffee ancillaries, cleaning kit, staff training, and advice on any aspect of your coffee service. We also have plenty of years experience of running and managing food- and drink-led operations, so we’re dialled into the relentless nature of running and managing such busy environments. We’ll spend as much time as it takes getting your team to feel confident, comfortable and passionate about serving great coffee, and to be delivering a consistently great product. We’ll also be able to help them tell the story of where the coffee comes from and how the journey from crop to customer culminates in the final cup.

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Some coffee boxed and ready to ship

Espressoly For You

Custom-labelled or custom-blended products are also available – please let us know your requirements. We deliver our coffee by hand within Liverpool, and overnight courier it nationwide. If we can help in any way, please give us a call, or drop us a line – we’d love to partner with you to enjoy delivering the best coffee service possible.

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Staff Training

Great coffee and great venues rely on a common denominator – staff who are passionate about quality, consistency and service. The chance to see the chain in action, from green bean to finished cup helps our training sessions come alive, and many a staff team member has fallen in love with specialty coffee after spending a few hours here. Our training is customisable to suit your requirements and team size, is based on our real-life experience of running venues, and is always free to all of our wholesale partners. We cover espresso extraction basics, milk drinks, cleaning, maintenance, service essentials, filter and manual pour-over brewing, as well as an introduction to the coffee chain, and more advanced barista skills. We’d love to help increase both staff and customer enjoyment of coffee – so get in touch if we can help.

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