Small batch hand roasted coffee in our Liverpool roastery | Neighbourhood coffee.

The Heartbeat Of What We Do

Our roastery is just outside Liverpool city centre, and is the heartbeat of what we do. We spend a long time sampling and profiling coffees before they form part of our offering.

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Roasting Is A Craft

It took months of hard work by the folks who grow, pick and process the coffees we roast, so we want to honour their efforts and play our part in unlocking and showcasing the natural flavours inherent in each bean. Roasting is a craft – a mix of science and art, and we’re on a constant journey to deliver beans to you that excite with every cup.

roasted coffee beans fresh out of the oven
Giesen coffee roaster

Little & Often

Coffee tastes better when it’s fresh, so we roast little and often, on our Giesen 15kg. Everything is done by hand, and we cup every batch before it leaves the roastery on its onwards journey to your cup. In times gone by, coffee roasting was thought to be a dark art, but we want the process to be as transparent and open as possible. If you wanted to come visit and see what we do, please get in touch. Please note, roastery visits are by appointment only.

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Training Space

Our roastery includes a training space with La Marzocco and SV Italia espresso equipment, and also a range of grinders, bulk filter brewers and manual pour-over kit. It’s where we hold training sessions for wholesale customers and their teams, offer SCA-accredited courses for the professional barista, host cupping sessions and occasional events for the local specialty coffee community, and soon we’ll be launching some events for the dedicated home baristas (keep an eye on the journal). For more details, please get in touch.

Neighbourhood team trying new blends and roasts