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A black Wilfa Uniform home coffee grinder on a white background

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Wilfa Svart Uniform + grinder


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This grinder will seriously improve your coffee-making game. 

It has 58mm stainless steel flat burrs, and has been designed and engineered to result in precision grinding and even extraction, essential for awesome tasting coffee. A slow motor speed minimises heat contact and once the beans have run through, it conveniently switches itself off. With 41 grind settings possible from espresso through to cold brew, it will get you as close to a delicious espresso as a filter grinder can go. 

Not only that, it features an LED scale integrated into the grinder, precise to 0.1 grams, with Bluetooth connectivity to the Wilfa Svart app (iPhone & Android), and the coffee container is made of metal to stop coffee dust spilling over your worktop. It’s these little touches that set it apart from many grinders vying for your attention. 

The Uniform + grinder comes with an adaptor for UK plugs and runs with 230V / 50Hz electricity.