Brewing equipment

Hario V60 drip decanter


The perfect V60 solution when you need more than one cup, but less than several.

Everyone has those times where just one cup of awesome coffee isn’t enough. Whether a mate has come round for a catch-up, whether you need more than one mug to get you going int the morning, or where the coffee is so delicious that more is required. If you are a V60 fan, and you find yourself in those situations, then this will take those worries. 

We love Hario V60 gear, and we use it every day in our houses, in the roastery, and when we travel. It’s simple to use, easy to get delicious results, and doesn’t cost a fortune. This nifty decanter will hold 700ml, so enough for 3-4 small cups, or 2 big mugs!  

In the box:

  • Hario heatproof glass decanter (dishwasher-safe)
  • Hario V60 brewing cone (plastic, free-standing)
  • Removable, washable silicone band
  • 40 V60 02 papers to get you started

Brew as you would for a V60 dripper, and savour that little bit extra for yourself. Or… combine with some awesome coffee for a cracking little gift set for someone.