Gift sets

Hario V60 decanter gift set


Make a brew for you, and one for your nearest and dearest, with this Hario V60 decanter bundle. Contains a V60 decanter set, an NCR mug and a bag of our Christmas coffee, ground for V60.


Brewing for you... or with a friend...

The perfect bundle for the sociable coffee fan… this Hario decanter set will comfortably hold 700ml, so even two giant mug lovers will be satisfied. This neat little set is easy to store and easy to use. We brew V60’s at home, in the office, and you’ll see them in cafes too – they’re wonderfully simple, yet deliver clean, flavoursome filter brews. This bundle contains the following:

  • A Hario V60 drip decanter (40 papers are included)
  • A bag of our Christmas blend, pre-ground for V60 brewing
  • An NCR enamel mug