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Guatemala Bundle (2 x 250g)

Tastes like: butterscotch, cherry, dark chocolate, orange, peach, raspberry


This latest Guatemala bundle showcases some of the best Central America has to offer. So, we’re bringing you a great offer on not one but two Guatemalan coffees.


Any time you like!

Guatemala, Finca Yulzan, Pedro Ramirez & La Loma, Finca Villaure, Huehuetenango

This bundle combines two of our finest Guatemalan Coffees:

Filter Need In Me

This is a fruity little treat of a coffee that we’re roasting for the first time. It hails from a farm called Finca Yulzan, which is the ancient indigenous name for the location, near the town of San Antonio Huista in the famous Huehuetenango region.

Pedro Ramirez inherited this farm from his father and has steadily built up production, using the planting of gravilea shade trees, pest control (without using herbicides) and healthy fertilisation systems. 

This hard work shines through in the cup, where there’s a lovely balance of bright acidity, soft fruit and loads of sweetness. 

In espresso, expect some bright peach & mango flavours, with some raspberry too. In milk, it’s super sweet, with some biscuit and some almond and hazelnut, whereas in filter, it reminds us of cherry bakewell, with some of that peach and raspberry in the mix too. Delicious! 

Grind Control to Major Tom

This is now the sixth year we’ve bought coffee from Aurelio Villatoro and his family at Finca Villaure, and we’re really excited to share it with you once again – it definitely makes the grade. 

Finca Villaure is one of the finest farms in Guatemala, evidenced by their regular placing in the Cup of Excellence competitions, and the amount of roasters who come back year after year. Once again, we have bought the La Loma lot, which is one of the hillsides (1,650-1,850m) where the family grow Bourbon & Caturra, although they grow other varietals on the farm too, which itself ranges from 1,410 – 1,850 metres.

The family picked up yet more awards in the Cup of Excellence competition this year, placing in the top 30 coffee lots three times. (This isn’t one of them, as otherwise it’d be 5 times more expensive!) 

At harvesting time, more than 40 of the extended family come together to harvest the cherries, which are processed via the fully washed method, and dried in day lots on patios at the farm, and amongst the little village of family houses that lie between the two farms they own and operate, Villaure & Esperanza.   

This attention to detail and expertise results in beautiful flavours – this year there’s a delightful zestiness to the orange flavour, but the most noticeable thing is the body, or the texture, it’s a cross between vanilla and caramel, rich, luxurious and very moreish. Of course, there’s a load of dark chocolate too, along with some biscuit, a hint of cherry, and toffee flavours.

It makes a beautiful espresso, super sweet milk drinks, and is a proper all-day drinker in filter and other brew methods. It’s just great coffee, so however you brew it, you’ll enjoy.




Fully washed


Caturra & Bourbon


1,550m - 1,850m


Filter Need In Me: Pedro Ramirez

Grind Control To Major Tom: Aurelio Villatoro & team



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