Fellow Stagg dripper sets (X models)


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Single cup brewer & brewing carafe by Fellow Products

Fellow make thoughtfully designed, great-looking products, and their Stagg dripper set is no exception. The steep sides mean a uniform coffee bed, which can hep with even extraction, and the stainless steel dripper isnt going to be affected by the occasional bump and scrape. The vacuum insulated body makes handling a piece of cake, and due to the geometry, and the hole placement, users can simply fill & forget, allowing the brewer to do its thing. The double walled carafe is easy to handle, pretty durable, and with the silicone lid, will keep coffee warm for a good while. You’ll need to be picky about grind size, but this is a perfect brewer for the design-conscious at heart. Please note, the X is for single-cup brewing, the XF is for 2-3 cups.