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This tasty threesome comprises a trio of bean Colombian brilliance. This is a great way to taste the best of Colombian Coffee.



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This tasty threesome comprises a trio of bean Colombian brilliance. This is a great way to taste the best of Colombian Coffee. You’ll note there’s an icon on the labels – we call them relationship coffees as we’ve visited and met the producers.
This collection comprises of the following beans:

What’s Brew Pussycat?

This is another lot from Finca Patio Bonito, owned and farmed by Senor Carlos Trujillo (for more details see his other coffee, Sweet Beans are made of this), and this is another

experimental process. It’s very different to the other lot we have, but equally delicious.The result is a coffee that is dense, rich, syrupy, and utterly delicious. Imagine a decadent black forest gateau, covered in honey and you’re starting to get there – masses of black cherry, raspberry, dark chocolate, some spicy notes, and loads of creaminess. It’s perfectly suited to espresso and milk drinks, but also to filter and cafetiere too – it’ll work however you want to drink it, and one cup won’t be enough.


Sweet Beans Are Made of This

Most bourbon varietals in the coffee world is red, yellow, or occasionally orange, whereas pink bourbon is probably the rarest of the types. It’s more difficult to grow, low-yielding, and can be susceptible to difficulties and pests, so when we find some, we tend to get pretty excited. This coffee is beautiful – we’ve been drinking it for a couple of weeks and we’ve tasted the following; pink lemonade, raspberry, strawberry, lavender, champagne, hints of ginger, blueberry, milk chocolate, toffee, and some others as well. It’s perfectly suited to filter brew methods (V60, Chemex, batch brew), but with some careful work will result in an outrageously complex espresso.

A Little Press Conversation

You can read plenty about Finca Beraca in our blog post on Chris’s trip to Colombia as it was one of the farms he visited, along with the good people of Banexport (the Colombian exporter) and Cafe Imports (the trader whom we work with in Colombia). Beraca is a young farm, only now 2.5 years old, and the quality of these first harvest is amazing, especially considering that the varietal used here is Castillo – not the most popular. Castillo is 1/20th robusta, according to its genetic make-up, so specialty coffee nerds generally tend to dismiss it.
This is coffee is like a showcase of all that’s great about Colombian coffee – it’s bright in terms of acidity, but also well rounded, with plenty of honeycomb and caramel flavours present. It’ll work predominantly in filter and cafetiere brewing methods, but it’s versatile to be used for espresso also, though some careful dialling-in will be required.

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Aeropress, Chemex, Espresso, Filter, V60, Whole bean