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Country: Brazil
Process: Raised bed natural process
Altitude: 1,200m
Varietal: Red & Yellow Catuai
Launched: 2020

Coffee processing is an ever-changing picture. Traditions exist for good reason. So do those willing to experiment and to try new things.

Elton Alves is Osmar Pereira’s nephew, and part of the next generation of coffee farming in the Jacutinga community. His willingness to try new things is the reason this coffee is available. Together with our friends at Legender Coffee exporters, we had talked about different processing methods and experimentation, and Elton was keen to give it a go.

Coffee has almost always been dried on patios in Brazil, after being partially de-pulped (where some of the fruity layer is removed). In East Africa, natural processed coffee is dried on long raised beds, allowing more air circulation, and the whole cherry is dried. We asked if Elton would be willing to give this a go. It was a risk. No-one had done this in this community, or in the local region. We guaranteed to buy the coffee regardless of the results, even if it was a total disaster, and to pay a premium.

That was 3 years ago, and now this coffee has become a small, but significant staple in our offering. This years’ tastes just as good as ever. Expect cherry, some lovely dark chocolate, and a hit of grapefruit and apple liveliness. Perfect for an interesting espresso, and jolly lovely for all brew methods. Filter, aeropress & pour over brews will bring out the fruit, whereas chocoholics will find contentment with cafetiere or mokapot methods.

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