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Multi-award winning. Multi-generational. The Villaure family are walking proof that specialty coffee is worth the extra investment in time and care. Aurelio’s parents, Don Eleodor, and Doña Elena founded the neighbouring La Esperanza farm more than 50 years ago, and in turn, Aurelio bought his own farm, Villaure, in 1986. 40 members of the extended Villatoro family live and work between the two farms, planting, caring, harvesting, processing, and winning awards every year for the quality of their coffee. Aurelio’s sons are now all involved as well, paving the way for the next generation to keep on the traditions of passion and hard work.

We’ve been roasting this coffee every year since 2016, and it comes from one particular plot, La Loma, at the far reaches of the farm, literally on the border with Mexico. It is limited each year to around 1,000 – 1,500 kg’s, and it’s one of the favourite coffee of both the team and our customers.

The heritage of quality runs through from the farm to the finished cup, and the consistency year-on-year is astonishing. Orange acidity, which is bright and zesty. Deep, dark chocolate sweetness. Smooth, refined, raisin and rich vanilla.

As espresso this is silky smooth, with masses of sweetness, caramels and chocolate, but with that zesty orange livening everything up. Add milk or alternatives and it’ll turn to liquid caramel in your cup. In filter, it’s balanced, juicy, bright, sweet, just utterly delicious.