Coffee Beans

At Neighbourhood Coffee, we passionate about great coffee and we are delighted to have won 4 Great Taste Awards.  With a wide range of coffee beans to choose from and flexible subscription service, so you’ll never run out again, we are your one stop shop for everything coffee related.

Once you have chosen your coffee bean and you need it grinding, we will do this for free.

Grinds available: Aeropress, Cafetiere, Chemex, Espresso, Filter, V60.

Don’t forget it’s FREE delivery on any orders over £10 and there’s a buy one get one free offer on Born Sippin’!

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    I just don’t know what to brew with myself – Coffee Beans

Our hand-roasted coffee beans make the best coffee and we are very proud to sell the best coffee beans online. We import our beans from throughout the world from places such as Kenya, Brazil and Ethiopia to hand roast them here in Liverpool to give them that special roast flavour.

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