Hot Cross Coffee Recipe

Hot Cross Coffee Recipe At this time of year (Easter), we do like a hot cross bun. And at the moment (Coronavirus) we can’t just pop to the shops to get what we want.  So it’s time to be inventive. Here’s our recipe for a very on-theme coffee. Have a go! 1.  Make yourself a […]

The epic journey of the coffee bean – from plant to pot

It’s really quite the adventure, you know. The humble coffee bean goes on a worldwide journey before ending up in your cup as the life-affirming hot drink. But if you’ve never stopped to think quite how your beans get from Burundi to Birkenhead, now’s your chance to find out. From the Roots So what is […]

What flavours you can expect in your coffee – and why.

The massive range of flavours you see on a bag of coffee can be a bit overwhelming. Notes of caramel? Floral undertones? Black forest gateaux aftertaste? You’d be forgiven for thinking these coffee companies are making it all up. But the truth is, we’re not. Coffee is a biologically complex plant species that’s affected by […]

We went to Colombia – Pt. 4

Part three’s here if you’ve not read it. The final morning dawned early, as we had plenty to do before catching the plane back to Bogota. A quick look round Banexport’s new dry mill (where they process, sort and pack coffee ready for export, as well as load containers), followed by a presentation on some […]

We went to Colombia – Pt. 3

Part two’s here if you’ve not read it. After running into an acquaintance from a different UK-based coffee trader at breakfast (“Of all the gin joints in all the towns in all the world…”), we set off to the county of Piendamo, and more specifically, to a farm called Finca La Primavera, which is run […]

We went to Colombia – Pt. 2

Part one’s here if you’ve not read it. After a quick breakfast at the hotel, we were back on the road up to the municipality of Cajibio, and particularly to two other farms: Finca Valtimore, and Finca Los Naranjos.  Finca Valtimore is owned and farmed by Señor Luigi Ledezma, and it’s also a big farm. […]

We went to Colombia – Pt. 1

Hands-down, the best part of being in the coffee industry is going to visit farmers at origin. Whilst a delicious flat white, a freshly roasted batch of coffee beans, an espresso martini, or just a mug of something hot to ease you into the day are all great, they cannot hold a torch to the […]

Italian coffee – why is it so famous?

Italians are famously passionate about their food and drink.  They’re also rather protective of it (which you’ll know if you’ve ever cooked pasta for an Italian guest – it can feel like you’re in a Masterchef final). To ruin Italian food is to insult their very heritage, and rightly so. Italy has a well-deserved reputation […]

Coffee grinders – everything you ever wanted to know

For those that enjoy a more tactile approach to their food and drink, grinding coffee at home is something not to be missed. It can elevate the coffee experience like no other. It’s not as technical as you might think, but you do need to decide what kind of grinder you’re going for, at least. […]

Sweet treats and bold brews: which coffee for which dessert?

It’s surely one of life’s greatest joys – coffee and a cake. Both an art and a science, the pairing of sweet desserts and sensuous coffee is one of the universe’s greatest gifts to mankind. Whether it’s topping off a meal, or refreshing the senses after a hearty walk, coffee and a cake is the […]