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Peru was late to the party. In coffee terms, that is. Now, 200 years after coffee was first cultivated here, it’s one of the top five arabica exporters in terms of volume. The lush green highlands give the potential, but the obstacles have been many – small farms, limited infrastructure and market access. All this is changing, though. There’s something brewing

Cajamarca is the most well-known coffee producing region, and San Jose del Lourdes is a small town in the heart of the region. The farmers are many, the farms may be small, but their quality is getting better and better, and they learn fast.

Many of these farmers will process their coffees at their own micro-mills, or beneficio’s. It allows them to supervise everything, and is more efficient than delivering cherry. We’ve been roasting this coffee for a few years and it keeps improving, as many of you have discovered.

Part of the appeal is because this is an absolute all-rounder. In filter we get a lovely balance of crips blackberry, with a jammy plum sweetness, and a sticky toffee finish. In espresso, everything is turned up a notch, the blackberry jumps out on the nose, and the plum turns to a jammy sweetness, which will be evident in milk drinks alongside a chocolate-toffee blast. Sometimes simple can be great, and this party is just getting started.

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