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Simple can be delicious. Complexity can be lovely, but often, simple wins. Chocolate and juicy fruit abound in this returning favourite. 

Fernando Lima has been farming coffee for decades, as part of the well-known and award-winning Lima family. He runs two neighbouring farms, Serbia & Romania, in the El Congo municipality of Santa Ana. This is a prime coffee-growing landscape. There’s enough altitude in the volcanic mountain range, good soils, and Serbia is covered with shade trees, to ensure slow maturation.

We’ve always loved El Salvador coffees on espresso. There’s something about the rich chocolate flavours and the plentiful juicy fruit that lend themselves to espresso-based drinks. This is a fully washed lot, but there’s so much sweetness, we get cinder toffee but you may think honeycomb, toffee, caramel. A big hit of juicy nectarine, and a load of dark chocolate. 

It’s a perfect coffee for espresso; easy-going, rewarding and moreish. Mokapot and Aeropress will get great results too. If you’re new to the coffee game, then this is right up your street. Simple wins.

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