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A desire to keep improving.. A dedication to quality. A willingness to experiment. The Trujillo family exhibit these characteristics, and then some. Señor Carlos has been farming Finca Patio Bonito for 40 years. 

Six years ago, Carlos started working with Banexport, a specialty coffee exporter, and has seen huge improvements in production, in quality and in prices. It’s been a journey that is still ongoing, and we’re delighted to partner with him to roast his coffees. We discovered the farm on a trip to Colombia and hope to keep building this relationship in the years to come.

Pink bourbon is a varietal that rewards hard work, but it’s a fickle beast. Yields are low, the plants are more susceptible to disease and pest, but the results can be spectacular. Rewind to our trip in 2019, and one of the Banexport team, a wonderful lady called Paola , was our guide for the 4 days we were there. We tasted coffees with her and some of the rest of the team every afternoon. She’s an accomplished cupper (taster) and both she and I (Chris) gave this coffee a really high score. In fact, it was the highest score I gave to any coffee whilst I was there. As we taste coffees without knowing where they’re from, imagine the happiness when the Banexport team revealed that this coffee was in fact grown by her father at Finca Patio Bonito.

The tasting notes go on and on for this coffee, as it’s wonderfully complex. We’ve found; pink lemonade, raspberry, strawberry, lavender, champagne, hints of ginger, blueberry, milk chocolate, toffee, and some others as well!

This is one for filter and pourover methods. You can brew espresso with it, and it’ll reward careful dialling in, but we’d stick to juicy mugs of filter, V60 or Chemex.