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Bolivia is a new origin for us, but it’s been slowly building a reputation for excellent coffees over the last few decades, and the Rodriguez family are at the forefront of this push. Pedro Rodriguez, together with his daughter Daniela, and son Pedro-Pablo started their first farm in the Caranavi area in 2012. Fast forward a decade and they now run 12 farms, 8 in Caranavi and 4 in the Samaipata locality, which is part of the Santa Cruz department.

Samaipata is a traditional wine-producing area, but benefits from good altitude, favourable weather, and high-quality soils. The Rodriguez family run a 7-year coffee farming education programme called “Sol de La Mañana” which takes traditional producers, and systematically trains them in every step of coffee farming, from seedling cultivation, planting and harvesting, through to pest prevention, pruning, and financial management.

This is a fully washed lot, processed at the nearby Rodriguez El Fuerte mill, where the Caturra cherries are de-pulped before being dry-fermented, and then rinsed thoroughly, before being dried on raised beds. The attention to detail across the whole operation is super impressive.

Expect a flood of deep, dark chocolate flavours, along with plum and black cherry notes too. We also get an intriguing subtle hickory smoke flavour in espresso, cafètiere, aeropress and V60 – a little different from the norm.

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