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Good things can come in small packages. Finca Paya’ is a small farm, nestled in the mountains of Huehuetenango. “Paya'” means “birth of the river” in the local Popti Mayan language, and the farm takes its name from the mountainous area where rivers begin before setting off towards the Mexican border and eventually the Gulf of Mexico. The farm is only 1 hectare, but the care and diligence taken means the coffee is utterly delicious. Nery and his wife team up – him in planting, her in processing and drying, and the farm has chalun, avocado and fruit trees for shade. Recent expertise from the El Sendero co-operative, plus agronomy help from Primavera, our export partners in Guatemala have mant both the amount and the quality of coffee have increased in the last few years.

The processing is handled on site, where cherries are dry fermented for 32 hours. After washing, it is dried on the patio for 6 days, under the watchful eye of Mrs Pablo. This attention to detail means plenty of flavour – we get plenty of fruit… juicy guava and peach with some raspberry tartness.

This coffee is a good all-rounder, in espresso expect a blast of  raspberry. It works a treat in Aeropress and mokapot too. In filter, you should find plenty of  juicy fruit.